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1. The Directors of Canbury Management Ltd recognise and accept the duty placed on the Company as an employer by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, as amended and consolidated by the 1992 regulations, to provide a safe and healthy place of work and working environment. The Directors also accept that this duty extends to persons not being Canbury Management Ltd employees who may be affected by its activities or who may attend its office / premises. To comply with this duty the Directors will take all necessary steps to ensure that there is full commitment for the organisation and arrangement for health and safety as contained within this safety policy. In doing so the Directors expect the support and co-operation of all employees toward achieving the objectives of this safety policy.

2. The objective of this health and safety policy is to prevent accidents and ill health, at work arising from and the consequent personal injury, suffering and financial loss. To achieve this objective the following will be so far as is reasonably practicable be provided and maintained:
1. A safe place to work with safe access & egress.
2. A working environment that is without risk to health and adequate as regards welfare facilities.
3. Plant, equipment, materials and systems of work that are safe and without risk.
4. Arrangements for the safe use, handling and transport of articles and substances.
5. Sufficient information, instruction, learning and supervision to enable employees to work safely.
6. Arrangements for ensuring that persons, not being employees, who may be affected by the company's activities are accorded the same level of safety and protection against risks to their health as are accorded to its employees.

3. The execution of this duty is vested with the Directors who are responsible for establishing and monitoring the organisation and arrangements to be made and maintained in order that the objectives of this safety policy can be achieved at all times.

4. All employees are responsible to the Directors for compliance with the requirements of this safety policy, by establishing and monitoring the arrangements for safety within the areas of activity they may have specific control.

5. The Directors hold the view that health and safety at work is of prime importance and is essential to the proper performance of the company's business. Consideration of health and safety measures is to be made by all employees at all stages and level of the company's activities. All members of staff have a delegated duty to comply with this safety policy. In the execution of this duty everything reasonably practicable is to be done to prevent foreseeable accident, injury or ill health arising out of any activity conducted by or on behalf of the company.

6. The Directors hold the further view that health and safety in the work place can only be successful with the active involvement and commitment of all employees in achieving the policy objectives. All employees have a duty to take reasonable care of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omission.

7. In order to ensure that the company's policy objectives continue to be met, the Directors require that there are measures made to assess and monitor the effectiveness of the arrangements for safety and that the safety policy is reviewed annually or more frequently if legislation or events dictate.

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